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Robinson Brothers, Sons, Grandsons August 27, 2011

Wilbur, Keller, Ray, Donnie, Fred, Carney

D.B. , Jack, Duane, Carter, Art, Roy

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Remarks Given at Roy Robinson’s Funeral June 3, 2011

Remarks Given at Roy Robinson’s Funeral

December 18, 2002

By Mark S. Darrah

When Roy Robinson was born 64 years ago and his parents learned he suffered from Down’s Syndrome, they asked “Why us?”  Now, as the gift of Roy’s earthly life comes to an end, those of us who have known and loved Roy ask “Why us?”  Why have we been blessed by this gift?  And, Roy’s life has been a gift.

Roy loved the simple things:  playing with his rope, or drinking a soda, or for going for a ride in the car.  The car didn’t even have to be going anywhere;  just sitting in the car made him happy.

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