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Robinson Brothers, Sons, Grandsons August 27, 2011

Wilbur, Keller, Ray, Donnie, Fred, Carney

D.B. , Jack, Duane, Carter, Art, Roy

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Military – Willilam Carney Robinson August 1, 2011

Carney Robinson


Korean Conflict \ Cold War Era


His first tour of duty was shortened by Granddad Keller’s illness as he was needed to farm.

He was recalled to active duty after Granddadd Keller’s death

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Military – D. B. Robinson

D. B. Robinson

Army                               25 July 1945 to 11 November 1945

World War II

Duty                                 Tank Destroyer Unit

Notes                               Duty was mostly KP. He said that he peeled lots of potatoes and washed lots of pots and pans

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Military – Gene Wayland Shaw

Gene Shaw




Duty                                           Clerk – Fort Whiter, Alaska

MP – Fort Carson, Colorado

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Military – Heber Rattler

Heber Rattler

Air Force World

War II

Duty Aircraft Mechanic

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Military – Woodrow Wilson Lasher, Sr.

Jack Lasher


World War II

Note His ship went down and he was in a lifeboat for many days. He blamed faulty welding by women for it and was against Women welders for the rest of his life.

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Military – Owen Heber Robinson

Jack Robinson


World War II

Stationed                                    New Guinea

Duty                                          Cook

Note                                           Acquired a tropical disease that gave him problems throughout his life


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Military – James Ray Bartlett, Sr.

Jim Bartlett


Navy – 28 December 1960 to 31 October 1981


Stationed                          Iceland


USS Bennington

USS Hunley

USS America


Duty                                Weather


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Military – Bobby Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson


Vietnam Era

Stationed                                    San Diego, California, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Note                                           Was only on ship for few months

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Military – Wilbur Jake Robinson

Wilbur Robinson

Army 1942 to 1945

World War II

Basic Training

Stationed                          Fort Knox, Kentucky

Duty                                Tank Mechanic

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