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Memories and Stories of Iva Della Robinson's family

Robinson Brothers, Sons, Grandsons August 27, 2011

Wilbur, Keller, Ray, Donnie, Fred, Carney

D.B. , Jack, Duane, Carter, Art, Roy

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Memories of Arthur Robinson June 3, 2011

Stories as told by Arthur Robinson

Art and Henry Stapleton were coon hunting one night. They were evidently also drinking as Art said that they lost their lantern which was lit at the time.

There was a truck wreck of a load of beer on Highway 18 just east of their house. Art hid some of the beer for later consumption.

Art and Lynn were living just north of Keller and Della Robinson’s. Lynn said that she awoke and all she could see was fire. Fire was around their house. They lived on the west side of a meadow and it was on fire. Lynn said that she thought that it was the end of the world. (time about 1939)

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The Way it Was

Wilbur and I were born at Brooken.  They named me Arthur Gibbs.  Gibbs was the doctor’s last name.  They said when Dad asked Granddad Fowler for Mamma’s hand, he told Dad he didn’t raise his girls to give away.  I guess he consented.

The first place I remember living was 2 miles south of Jennings and 1 ¾ miles west.  It was the Fox place.  The house set up on a hill.  There was a man named Cougar on the creek.  He pumped water to the railroad.  The hole was known as Dead Man Water Hole.  Old man McElroy got soaked and killed some man and put him in it.  The hole was south of the field.

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Alone in the Imagination


February 10, 1996

By Mark Darrah

For many years, Art Robinson owned and operated a dozer service and built many ponds, miles of terraces and cleared acres of timber in Pawnee County and the surrounding area.  He was an artist with a dozer and took jobs some thought were impossible just to prove they weren’t.  He loved to hunt and a good laugh.  In the last years of his life, he won the Wild West many times with Louis L’Amour and delighted in his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  He was honest,  he worked hard, and he provided for his family.

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