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Memories and Stories of Iva Della Robinson's family

Robinson Brothers, Sons, Grandsons August 27, 2011

Wilbur, Keller, Ray, Donnie, Fred, Carney

D.B. , Jack, Duane, Carter, Art, Roy

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Military – Wilbur Jake Robinson August 1, 2011

Wilbur Robinson

Army 1942 to 1945

World War II

Basic Training

Stationed                          Fort Knox, Kentucky

Duty                                Tank Mechanic

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Wilbur J Memories June 3, 2011

Wilbur J Memories

by Dora Robinson Stewart, youngest sister

There are not words to describe my love for my “Libur”. Could not say my “W’s” for many years so it was always “Libur and Lima”.

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Wilbur Jake Robinson

December 11, 1917 to December 4, 2003

letter from daughter, Jan Robinson Storms

July 7, 2002

Hi gang,

I want to share an interesting experience that happened yesterday concerning my Dad.  We were in Stillwater, Eva Lee, Dad, Mom and myself at the Hastings Book Store.  We got there minutes before it opened.  As I pulled in, I noticed an old beat up pickup on my right.  A young man was standing by the passenger door.  We got out of the van to go into the store, and Eva, who was helping Mom, said “Watch the step, Mom”.  As I walked by the pickup, the young man was on his knees at the edge of the sidewalk.  He said, “That is right, watch this step.”

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