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What Our Papa Taught Us June 2, 2011


by grandchildren

Abbey, Taylor, Audra,Will

From a very early age, our Papa thought that every child’s diet, especially his grandchildren’s, should include a good ol’ cup of coffee every morning. We were sat around the table and given lessons, and we didn’t leave until we had everything down right. We learned that there were sound effects that went along with drinking coffee. We also learned that you had to drink just the right amount, because if you didn’t, your feed would turn black! Along with our coffee, we would have some of our Papa’s personalized pancakes. As a beginning pancake artist, he started out making the letters of our names, and then he branched out into some other forms of art. He even took requests!! After breakfast, Papa would usually drink so much coffee that he would have to pee. Rather than getting up and going, he would send his trustworthy grandchildren to do it for him! As we went off to take our baths, Papa would give us strict instructions: Don’t get wet!!

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